• ChangeColorTextureAndRender
    Info: This MaxScript is for changing color or texture in material in batch mode and render the changed scene out in new folders.
  • CubicShatter
    Info: This MaxScript is for cutting objects in little cube pieces.
  • ICE-Muscle
    Info: A very easy and simple Softimage ICE Muscle.
  • JS_MultiLayers_x64
    Info: This is a MentalRay 64bit shader that works like photoshop layers. It has 30 layers and 19 different blend modes. Original from: www.pixero.com
  • SearchMaterialAndTexture
    Info: This MaxScript is for collecting materials and texture, searching by name, modify the texture path and copy the selection in the material editor.
  • media_compressor
    Info: A all in one compressor, best use in the "SendTo" menu from explorer. It compress the most video-, audio- and many frame- formats.
  • mia_RenderToolkit
    Info: mia_RenderToolkit convert all Phong Materials in mia_material with multiple outputs and generate render channels. AO can also modify global.
  • mp4_Compression_v0.9-LOGO
    Info: The same as the mp4_Compression_v0.9, but you can also add a logo to the video.
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